Rotary series
Serie Rotativa

The rotary die-cutting machines for kiss-cutting and total cutting have a width of 175-250-350mm. Feeding speed from 0 to 100 metres/minute.
Very versatile and easy to be run, they are able to realize a high quantity production in a very limited amount of time. With a fast set-up, they are the ideal machines for medium and high levels productions and for complex processes.
Our rotary die-cutting machines are highly modular due to several different optional systems which customize the production line according with the specific customer requirements. The excellent manufacturing quality assures their precision for a long time. This cutting line represents the ideal choice for the biggest converters in the world.
The GD RO RTV has been designed for complex processes with various servo-motorised die-cutting stations. This machine can perform: continuous processes with registration of position with speed from 0 to 100 meters per minute, start and stop processes and flying cutting processes; keeping the same characteristics of modularity as the other rotary die-cutting machines, guaranteeing speed and easy set-up.




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