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 automatic cutting: discover the crea solution systems
Crea Solution provides automatic cutting systems for single and multi-layer fabric rolls, composite materials and leather, capable of combining 24/7 continuous cycle productivity with maximum cutting quality.

 automatic cutting systems (ind) - oteman.com
Automatic cutting systems (ind) The in­dus­trial sec­tor, al­ways sear­ches for in­no­va­tion in all of its ac­ti­vi­ties that are cons­tantly being rein­ven­ted, and the im­pro­ve­ment of their own pro­ducts.

 automatic cutting systems - oteman.com
Oteman offers automatic cutting solutions for the cutting room. Our cutting machines are special designed to cut any kind of fabric material or technical textile such as PVC, to cut leaher, upholstery materials, nonwovens or composites. Our multifunction cutter is the perfect automatic cutting machine for upholstery industry, aeronautical ...

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 cutting systems | rimac
RI.MA.C. S.R.L. Via Prati Nuovi, 48 28065 Cerano (NO) P.IVA IT01268860036 Tel. +39 0321 721882 Fax +39 0321 728354 rimac@rimac.it

 super jeans automatic cutting system | fkgroup
Automatic conveyor cutting system specially designed for Jeans. It’s capable of accelerating working cycles through both speed and productivity, applying a mix of technical characteristics and innovative materials that enable reaching cutting performances never achieved before.

 automatic cutting system freccia | fkgroup
Innovative automatic cutting system Conveyor type for lays up to 2.5cm compressed height. Freccia is the ideal solution for small and medium size productions able to cut fast all kinds of fabrics allowing to drastically reduce energy consumption; this and other advantages allow a substantial production cost reduction.

 italian cutting systems - systems and cutting machines
The Italian Cutting Systems, born in the early 80’s as a small electromechanical company with FEMA brand Since then it has been successfully operating in the field of expanded polyurethane cutting systems, polyester fibers and fabrics, with innovative and cutting-edge of their production machines for precision, speed and quality.

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Via Orta, 27 - 27029 Vigevano (PV) - Italy
Tel.: +39 0381 20698
Fax: +39 0381 20998
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
P.Iva: IT01699030183
Cap. Sociale €. 50.000
R.E.A.: PV - 213174