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 kiss-cutting | filmcutter
Il kiss-cutting è una lavorazione molto simile ad una fustellatura, dove però il taglio della lama avviene solo parzialmente, è infatti denominato anche “mezzo taglio”.Si effettua questa procedura su materiali flessibili adesivizzati che siano accompagnati da una carta siliconata di sacrificio: il taglio coinvolge solo il prodotto adesivizzato mentre la carta di supporto rimane integra.

 what is kiss cutting, kiss cut stickers, decals and lables ...
Kiss cutting is a process of cutting sticker paper or vinyl. Kiss cut sticker sheet printing is when the adhesive top layer of a sticker sheet is “kissed” by a kiss vinyls plotters. The plotter knows the precise amount of pressure to leave the paperback intact.

 kiss cutting | guidolin girotto | manufacturers supplies co
Guidolin Girotto is a certified market leader in technical flexible material converting. We are specialized in the engineering and manufacturing of electro-mechanical flat-bed die cutting presses, rotary die cutting machines, digital laser cutting systems, dieless knife cutting systems, & guillotine cutting machines for kiss cutting and total cutting, and we offer a wide range of cutting ...

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 rotary die custom kiss cutting services | cgr products
Custom Kiss Cutting CGR Products offers kiss cutting as a part of our die cutting process.. Kiss cutting is a high speed, cost effective method of cutting precision, custom parts on high volume orders. It is superior in holding tight tolerances and offers multiple operations, such as laminating, slitting and cutting during the process.

 what is kiss cutting and what is a kiss cut gasket ...
Kiss cutting has several advantages over individually cut through parts. With kiss-cut gaskets, the parts can be rolled up, and parts on rolls are easier to handle can and can be set up neatly and dispensed in a paper towel like fashion at assembly work stations.Also, peeling the part off the release liner is considerably easier than removing the release liner from an individual part; this ...

 sorgenti laser co2: lavorazioni | laser kiss-cutting
Il laser kiss-cutting (detta anche mezzo taglio o taglio non passante) è un tipo di taglio laser usato per tagliare le etichette autoadesive dal loro supporto. Tipicamente, le etichette sono composte da due strati, lo strato superficiale adesivo (l'etichetta vera e propria) e un secondo strato di supporto.

 kiss cutting, kiss cutting machine - esko
Kiss cutting on a Kongsberg cutting table. Kiss cutting is a very popular way of cutting materials and applications such as vinyl, stickers, decals, car wrappers, window graphics, one way vision stickers, lettering, labels, gaskets…

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