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 risultati per laser vhb - guidolingirotto.com
3m™ vhb™ adhesive tapes - laser cutting | uls 3M™ VHB™ Tapes are high strength pressure-sensitive double-sided tapes. They are ideal for laser cutting. 3m vhb in laser test l high-performance adhesive tape Laser cutting of plastic foils: eurolaser tested the suitability of 3M adhesive tape and evaluated it as excellent suitable.

 nastri adesivi 3m™ vhb™ - taglio laser | uls it-us
La famiglia VHB include le serie 4900, 5900 e RP di nastri ad alta resistenza. I nastri VHB sono costituiti da un adesivo in schiuma acrilica con un rivestimento su uno o entrambi i lati. Il taglio laser dei nastri VHB viene eseguito con un laser a CO 2 da 9,3 o 10,6 micron.

 3m vhb in laser test l high-performance adhesive tape
3M VHB adhesive foils in laser test. Since its market launch at the start of the 1980s, 3M‘s VHB bonding tape has been an ongoing success story. As an innovative provider of high-quality connection systems, the company is offering a perfect alternative to mechanical fixing systems with this product.

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Ad oggi la vasta gamma di prodotti (fustellatrici piane, fustellatrici rotative, fustellatrici laser, plotter laser, tavoli da taglio, ghigliottine e taglia tubi) completi dei più svariati optionals, che permettono di creare la macchina adatta a tutte le specifiche esigenze della clientela.

 3m vhb tape 4926 | universal laser systems - ulsinc.com
3M VHB Tape 4926 is suitable for laser processing and was extensively tested to determine the most efficient processing configuration. Through this testing it was determined that laser cutting is viable, and a 75 watt 9.3µm CO 2 laser source is the best

 3m™ vhb™ adhesive tapes - laser cutting | uls
VHB tapes are composed of an acrylic foam adhesive with a liner on one or both sides. Laser cutting VHB Tapes is done with a 9.3 or 10.6 micron CO 2 laser. The laser beam readily heats and vaporizes the material that is directly in its path creating a clean, uniform cut through the thickness of the laminate.

Specialisti in sistemi taglio di precisione. Specialists in cutting sistems quality e design made in italy.

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