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 3m™ vhb™ adhesive tapes - laser cutting | uls
VHB tapes are composed of an acrylic foam adhesive with a liner on one or both sides. Laser cutting VHB Tapes is done with a 9.3 or 10.6 micron CO 2 laser. The laser beam readily heats and vaporizes the material that is directly in its path creating a clean, uniform cut through the thickness of the laminate.

 adhesives and tapes – micron laser technology
Adhesives and Tapes Request Quote Adhesive, epoxy, bonding film, and tape stock in either sheet or roll format are easily laser converted into any perform shape or profile. With or without carrier films and protective liners, single sided or double-sided adhesives are cleanly laser cut. Adhesives can be silicone, acrylic, rubber, or

 butterfly wall sticker - laser cut | trotec laser
Once the laser cutting and engraving has been completed, take the butterfly out of the laser machine. Use a soft, damp cloth to clean the dust from the wall sticker. Then glue some pieces of the double-sided adhesive tape onto the back of the wall sticker. Hang the decoration as you like.

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 double sided adhesive sheets - 3m laminating adhesive ...
Double-sided laminated acrylic adhesive sheet with polyester carrier. Can resist high temperature, chemicals, and UV rays. Perfect bonding of materials such as – plastics, metal, glass, composite materials, varnished wood, and others. Typical applications: previously laminated and laser cut materials, milling letter or details with uneven shapes.

 material archive - online laser cutting
Materials. We source the best materials for laser cutting so you don’t have to, our materials are all in stock and ready to be cut so there are no delays making your design dream a reality.

 double sided tape | die cut tape | parafix
A double sided tape is one which is coated with an adhesive on both sides of a carrier material and is wound with a release liner to stop the tape sticking to itself. Double sided tape is used to permanently bond two substrates together and can do so invisibly, as opposed to overlapping them.

 laser cut circles/disks of double sided adhesive tape
Roll to Roll Laser Die Cutting Machine - 90% power of 200w. Cutting speed 220mm/s GOLDEN LASER, a manufacturer of laser systems for cutting, engraving marking and perforating, is the specialist in ...

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