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 contact us - lohmann
At Lohmann Specialty Coatings, ... laser cutting, printing, and multi-layer laminating. They convert and die-cut a wide range of materials, such as adhesives, foams, elastomers, paper and cellulose fiber, fabrics and other special materials to create custom solutions for their end-users.

 julia lohmann
Tidal Ossuary, animal bones found in the Thames, silver, resin, 2009, in collaboration with Gero Grundmann

 julia lohmann creates beautiful lamps out of laser-cut ...
Julia Lohmann Laser-Cut Kelp Lamp 1 of 6. It seems that kelp can do just about anything. From stabilizing and thickening foods to fertilizing plants, this giant algae has a million different ...

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 lohmann gmbh & co.kg - youtube
Lohmann' s innovative rotary table die-cut applicator! Perform high-speed die-cut dispensing for high volume parts with Lohmann's rotary table and check the ongoing die cutting with the included pr...

 kelp lampshades by julia lohmann - dezeen
Vienna Design Week: London-based designer Julia Lohmann thinks dried strips of seaweed could replace leather, paper and plastic to make everyday objects like these laser-cut kelp lampshades ...

Lohmann Qualität in Edelstahl ... Sheets (cross rolled, descaled, annealed in protective atmosphere, flattened, edges: sheared, saw cut or laser cut) Bestelldicke Toleranz *Min.Bearbeitungs- Typische Blechformate typical dimensions mm Herstellermaße Fixmaße zugabe pro Fläche random size specified size Nomin ...

 blechprodukte – friedr. lohmann gmbh
Sheet products. We produce sheets on our rolling mill using the cross rolling process. This special process avoids grain orientation to the greatest extent possible so that our customers receive the best possible material for their manufacturing processes.

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