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 kiss cutting | guidolin girotto | manufacturers supplies co
Guidolin Girotto is a certified market leader in technical flexible material converting. We are specialized in the engineering and manufacturing of electro-mechanical flat-bed die cutting presses, rotary die cutting machines, digital laser cutting systems, dieless knife cutting systems, & guillotine cutting machines for kiss cutting and total cutting, and we offer a wide range of cutting ...

 systems of kiss cutting and total cutting precision
Guidolin Girotto srl is focused on the manufacturing of high precision cutting systems suitable to cut any technical flexible material as adhesive and double sided adhesive tapes, expanded materials with open or closed cells, coupled materials, felts, rubbers, abrasives, filters, elastic materials, textiles not textiles, thin metallic materials, etc. in various fields.

 kiss cutting - kiss cut labels | american micro industries
Die cutting is used to cut into materials of a variety of thicknesses to create a desired part or shape. Kiss cutting is specifically used to create a thin shape with a liner that will protect it until you're ready to remove the shape to use it for your application. This precision cutting and protective liner make it ideal for not only stickers ...

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 guidolin girotto 301d precision kiss cutting system for double sided adhesives
The Guidolin Girotto high speed mechanical die cutting / kiss cutting machine, model GD 301D, is the ideal narrow web cutting press for converters of adhesive and double sided adhesive tapes ...

 hydraulic die cutting machine / kiss cutting machine
hydraulic die cutting machine / kiss cutting machine automatic roll to roll kiss cutting machine die cutting area : 650*600mm cutting force : 40Ton-50Ton etc Kunshan Dapeng Precision Machinery Co ...

 kiss cutting machines | rollem usa
The SS is the top choice of sign and label companies to kiss-cut labels and stickers. We offer five model sizes to successfully back slit PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesives) in a variety of wide format outputs. Rollem has the widest range of kiss cutters on the market with five sizes of kiss cutting machine all the way up to 42” wide.

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