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 job control® cut | software laser trotec laser
JobControl ® Cut è un editor completamente integrato per elaborare e ottimizzare le geometrie di taglio di base nel software laser JobControl ® di Trotec – senza la necessità di modificare nuovamente le geometrie originali nel software di grafica. Con l'upgrade a JobControl ® 11.0, JobControl ® Cut è già incluso.. JobControl ® Cut richiede poca formazione ed è facile da utilizzare.

 macchine laser trotec per il taglio e l'incisione laser
Macchine laser per incisione, taglio e marcatura. I laser Trotec sono in grado di incidere legno, carta, plastica, tessuti, metallo e molti altri materiali.

 trotec lasers for engraving, marking and cutting
Increase efficiency and broaden your capabilities with Trotec's high-speed lasers for engraving, cutting and marking a wide array of material types, shapes and sizes.

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 laser-cut heat transfer film for customizing t-shirts usa
Heat transfer film cut with a laser. Step by step guide. Request a demo. Trotec Laser Engraving and ... Heat transfer film. Decorate apparel and textiles with your favorite designs, logos and lettering using heat transfer film and your Trotec laser. Download our template and follow our step-by-step instructions below. Preparation. Required ...

 laser cut paper | custom paper ketubah | trotec laser
This week we're talking with Ketubah.com, a custom paper Ketubah maker for Jewish weddings out of Toronto, ON. See how they use the Trotec Speedy 400 laser cutter to cut extremely detailed ...

 trotec laser - youtube
Welcome to the Trotec Laser Youtube Channel. We'll provide you with trainings, tutorials and tech videos about laser cutting and engraving. Check out our latest laser projects and have our laser ...

 trotec materials for laser & rotary engraving
Trotec Materials for Laser & Rotary Engraving offers the ideal material for each application. Trotec Laser offers an extensive product range of more than 1000 high-quality materials especially designed for laser and rotary engraving, available in many different colors and with a range of surface finishes.

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