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 die-cutting-systems - cutting system for soft and ...
this technology has allowed atom to become a world leading supplier of cutting systems for leather, soft and semi rigid materials. atom offer meets the demand of the market for innovation, with a wide range of advanced and reliable solutions, from turning arm clickers, travelling head and movable beam cutting machines to cnc cutting systems.

 best die cutting machines of 2019 - stencil cutters for ...
Cutting width also impacted our ranking of the best die-cutting machines. All but one machine in our review has a cutting width between 12 and 15 inches, which is ideal for scrapbooking pages and wide enough for most other materials. Die cutters with narrower cutting widths limit the size of letters or images you can cut. Support Resources

 die-cutting-systems : travelling head presses - cutting ...
Home > Products > Die-cutting-systems > Travelling Head Presses The oildynamic cutting presses – THE 588 SERIES – are the most performing cutting presses available in the market. TheIR most important features are: HIGH trolley displacement speed, low energy consumption, GREAT reliability and cutting quality, features that always marked Atom products.

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 die-cutting-systems : clicking presses - cutting machines ...
Home > Products > Die-cutting-systems > Clicking Presses. The 70-year experience in designing and manufacturing clicking presses is a guarrantee of products of great reliability, low consumption, no mainteinance and quick return of investment. the exclusive hardware designed by atom ensures steady cut pressure all day long, ...

 i-mark die cutting system
In this video we show the i-Mark system being used to die cut business cards and a packaging design. http://graphtecgb.co/product/i-mark-automatic-die-cutter...

 die-cutting-systems : full beam presses - cutting machines ...
Home > Products > Die-cutting-systems > Full Beam Presses. They are the solution for those who are looking for machines to die cut big batches or shapes of large size. available in a wide range of models and configurations, the full beam presses are the best solutions to cut components for automotive, gaskets, packaging, filters, ...

 die cutting systems – official mail guide (omg)
Die cutting systems for making mail in unique shapes and sizes listed in the Official Mail Guide (OMG).

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